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Great Battles Hex Rules


Great Battles are a set of wargame rules that utilise hexes to regulate movement, firing, ranges, line of sight as well as charge and firing arcs.

Battles are fought over a mat or tiles with 2" hexes that are used to regulate movement, firing, facings and ranges. The game mechanics allow for large numbers of units to be represented, each by a single stand of infantry, cavalry or artillery.

The rulebook contains troop listings for all of the major Napoleonic armies and a sample order of battle for Dennewitz, the playtest battle report for that game can be seen by visiting the link below.

The Great Battles Rules are available as a PDF from the shopping cart.

Great Battles Downloads

How to Make Hex Tiles

A short PDF giving instructions on how to make your own 2" hexagon tiles, for use with the free PDF templates given below. These templates enable creation of 24" or 60cm square gaming tiles that can be arranged to make larger battlefields..

60cm by 60cm Hex Tile Template

24" by 24" Hex Tile Template

4" Hex Template PDF

Great Battles Battle Reports

Battle of Dennewitz

A short report of the first large scale playtest of the Great Battles rules. Approximately 50,000 troops per side, 6 players, Sunday 4th December 2011.