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Author Topic: Orders / Cmd and Cntrl  (Read 443 times)
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« on: March 03, 2017, 08:17:17 PM »


  I read in the Rank and File forum concerning Command and Control.  I like the use of Axis of Advance and Objective Markers.  I can also relate to the authors comment regarding players hating to writing orders.  To alleviate this (and yes, I would appreciate comments) I have developed a Four line format for formation orders:

Tactical Task

  In order to use a form of 'Mission Command Bingo' (and further ease the development of orders), I used an abbreviated list of US Army Doctrine terms as a base:


  Offense - Attack or Pursuit
  Defense - Defend, Area Def and Mobile Def (has CATK force that can go forward of the 1 turn defend limit)
  Retrograde - Delay, Withdrawal (a small chance a Withdrawal order will be interpreted as a Retreat Order) and Retreat (per the base rules)
  Security - Security plus Follow and Assume

  Minor modifiers to movement (at most an addition 1" in movement) and location of Obj markers.  Corps Commanders obtain an additional Rally Point when near the Objective (if not at 0).

Tactical Tasks

  Obj with Enemy Formation - Attack by Fire, Defeat, Destroy, Disrupt
  Obj with Friendly Formation - Screen, Guard, Support by Fire
  Obj Terrain oriented - Clear, Block, Control, Seize
  Obj at Departure Point - Disengage

  Minor modifier of +1 to resolution of only one the following; Offensive Melee, Defensive Melee, Fires or additional movement.  


2nd Corps (Unit)
Attacks (Operation) (Corp Cdr +1 Rally Point when within 5" of Objective)
To destroy enemy grand battery (Task – Force Oriented)
To protect the left flank of 1st Corps’ assault (Purpose)

1st Division, 2nd Corps (Unit)
Defends Town (Operation) (no modifier)
To control Town (Task - Terrain Oriented) (+1 to Defensive Melee Resolution)
To deny enemy possession of the town (Purpose)

Mike L.
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