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Author Topic: first play - questions on Morale?  (Read 71 times)
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« on: November 13, 2017, 09:51:32 AM »

Hi, Some more questions.
I play tested rank and file over the weekend, and it mostly went well. The one issue I did have is with morale failures during charges. They fail alot, so much so that we stopped charging. Reading this forum people have suggested using 1d8, and you've mentioned a version 1.5. I thought maybe I could just raise the starting morale, so Regulars pass morale on 3+ instead of 4+ etc.

Do you have a definitive view on this now ? Did anything come of the 1.5 version ? Whats the best way, do you think, of making the morale test less harsh?

Also, a situation came up where the french had a skirmish screen, and wanted to charge through it to hit a British battalion, but the rules explicitly forbid this. Whats the reason for this - Historical or gameplay ? What should they do ? Move the skirmishers out the way, take fire, then charge next turn ?

I enjoyed playing the rules, its going to take over from Black Powder from now on as its much simpler, and seems more historically accurate.

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« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 06:37:12 AM »

The charging morale was made fairly difficult on purpose to avoid units being able to easily charge whenever they want, the charging units needs some advantage and not take too many losses from fire.  This means melee is being kept to a reasonable percentage of the combats fought.

Having said that if it doesn't 'feel' right them its easily fixed, as with most of the system its pretty flexible.

You can add morale bonuses for support to flanks, rear  - rather than just +1 make it +1 per unit.

Leaders add morale bonuses, you can always use their re-roll if they are any good or simply allow a re-roll if leader attached in a charge.  You could add +1 for charging a shaken target, again its sensible that the chargers are more likely to go in if the target appears unsteady and wavering and encourages a realistic soften up before launching an assault.

Reduce morale penalties for stand losses and simply use the units base morale when it is making a charge.

I wouldn't allow charges through skirmishers though I can see why it could be appropriate bearing in mind a turn is supposed to represent an amount of time where multiple things are happening at the same time.  I wanted skirmishers on table to be used to represent the larger bodies of troops that are sent out to soften up a target rather than just a screen in front of a particular unit, which is why the rules focus more on units breaking down into skirmish than individual stands.  As a compromise you could allow charges through skirmishers that belong to the charging unit, that seems like a degree of co-ordination that would be reasonable on a battlefield.

R&F 1.5 is really just a collection of house rules, ideas, clarifications and period or scenario specific rules.  If you troll through the forum and the web site you may well find the vast majority of them already!  One day I'll write it properly...

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« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2017, 04:46:00 PM »

Thanks for the reply, some good suggestions for morale to try. It maybe I was expecting to much from an unsupported charge.
I've been playing with my young son who likes skirmisher screens, I think we'll keep the skirmish battalion rules as is, for light battalions but add the following totally made up rule for skirmish companies.

"Skirmish screen Rule.
During Movement phase, you can set up a skirmish screen, which takes move.
Place 3 figures(or Number of hits to a stand) up to 2 in front of battalion. These act as a screen rather than a skirmish battalion. Ignored for most rules. All Charges can move through screens, with figures place behind own unit, and then returned after melee. In any melee, screens count as fighting with main battalion so no loss of fighting dice.

If an enemy battalion is out of range of main battalion but in range of advanced skirmishes, skirmishers can roll 1d6 to cause up to 1 hit. This uses the battalion firing turn. If enemy battalion also has a skirmish screen, hits must be against this screen, all skirmish modifiers apply. Remove 1 figure per hit. Once all skirmish figures removed, remove 1 stand from main battalion and take morale test as usual.

Battalions can not fire at a skirmish screens, only another screen may do so, as they are too dispersed for firing to be effective.
If the main battalion routs or reaches 50% of stands,  skirmishers must return to main battalion. The player may also chose to return the screen to its main battalion at no movement cost. When returning, add Skirmish casualties to battalion casualties, this may result in loss of a stand."

Its mainly cosmetic, but we had  a laugh letting some 95th rifles take pot shots at a line battalion I left just standing there. Thanks for the help, its a great set of rules, I've even ordered a hard copy of the book.
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