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Balance of Power rules allow players to fight battles from the French Revolution through to the 1870’s. They keep the detail and enjoyment of fighting with lots of units on table by making the actual game mechanics of combat and firing simple enough so that there is little or no need to refer to charts and tables. Players will find that historical tactics, bombardment, support, reserves and combined arms all go towards achieving victory.

The base game rules are quickly learned and a few players a side can cope with the largest battles. This allows battles to be fought through to a conclusion which makes them ideal for campaign games. The aim of the rules is to give players time to develop plans, manoeuvre, conduct preparatory bombardments, all of which sees battles unfold in a historical manner.

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Great Battles Napoleonic Hex rules are a set of wargame rules that utilise hexes to regulate movement, firing, ranges, line of sight as well as charge and firing arcs. Battles are fought over a mat or tiles with 2" hexes and the game mechanics allow for large numbers of units to be represented, each by a single stand of infantry, cavalry or artillery.

The 36 page rulebook contains troop listings for all of the major Napoleonic armies and a sample order of battle for Dennewitz' including all of the unit labels and counters.

The battle report for Dennewitz as well as downloads and further information can be seen on the Great Battles page.

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Legions of Battle Fantasy Rules are designed to allow you to fight epic battles between a vast array of creatures and races. The rules themselves can be tailored to suit any fantasy setting and the game system is designed to allow you to create and field any troops that you like, limited only by your imagination and figures available. A comprehensive points system allows the design of troops as you think they should be represented.

The game mechanics themselves are simple to pick up and play, this allows special units, characters, abilities and magic to be added without slowing the game down.

The basing system has been designed so that fantasy armies used for other rule systems can be fielded without any need to rebase figures.

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March Attack Napoleonic rules are designed to allow players to fight large battles with battalion sized units in a reasonable amount of time. Command and control, orders and morale for large formations are combined with easy to learn tactical game mechanics so that battles of a Corps or more a side can easily be fought during an evening.

Each unit on the table represents a battalion of infantry, regiment of cavalry or battery of artillery. A ground scale of 1” to 60 yards, one turn representing 20 minutes and fast paced strategic movement rules mean that battles play out at a realistic rate. Combat is dealt with in a manner that allows large numbers of units to be fielded and the interaction between strategic movement and tactical combat allows for a fast paced game that keeps a good level of detail.

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The American Civil War is the first supplement for the Rank and File horse & musket rules. A 48 page, A4, full colour, perfect bound book presented in printed format and as a PDF download.

Covering the history of the war as well as the armies that fought it with rules additions for Rank & File. There are ratings for over 1000 commander from both sides of the conflict and the armies are broken down into lists by year and theatre of war.

There are additional rules for Rank & File covering leadership, command and control, army morale and period specific rules as well as expanded weapon statistics.

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Crusader rules are now available as either a 64 page, full colour, perfect bound A4 rulebook or as a downloadable PDF.

Crusader is a set of wargames rules that allow you to game some of the greatest battles in history from Biblical times to the Medieval period. Although written with 28mm figures in mind the rules are stand-based and so easily translate to any scale of model.

The rules cater for many popular basing methods so there is absolutely no need to rebase your figures to be able to play Crusader.

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Rank and File are a set of horse and musket rules that cover the period from 1740 through to 1900. The basic game mechanics are designed to be simple and easy to learn with the aim of being able to play large games within a reasonable time frame.

Rank and File provide an easy to learn, flexible system for fighting battles throughout the Horse & Musket period. Use the basic rules for a fast play system or add in the optional and advanced rules for more depth and realism.

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The Macedonian & Punic wars is the first supplement for the Crusader rules. It has army lists covering the Macedonian and Punic wars and includes Carthaginian, Numidian, Gallic, Roman, Macedonian, Greek, Spanish as well as the allies and mercenaries that fought with these nations.

Packed with colour images the supplement not only covers the army lists themselves but also has information on the period, the campaigns and battles as well as some handy guides to tactics and army building.

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Imperium - Rome and its Enemies - Is the second supplement for the Crusader rules. It has 13 army lists covering the varied armies and organisations of Rome throughout this period as well as their enemies.

Imperium is a full colour 48 page A4, perfect bound book. As well as the army lists for Crusader it contains enough eye candy and background information to be of use for any system.

Available as a printed book or PDF from the shopping cart you can see a sample chapter from this publication in the articles section of this site.

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Rate of Fire can best be described as platoon level WWII skirmish rules. One figure represents one man and after a couple of games a player should easily be able to command 30-40 figures on the tabletop and complete a game within a few hours. Modifiers and special rules have been kept to a minimum and the emphasis of the game is on the turn order, troop quality, morale and leadership.

Available either as an A4 64 page full colour perfect bound book or as a PDF from the shopping cart. The downloads section of this site has sample chapters, book contents, fast play sheets, counter sheets, templates and a small sample of game play so that you can see how the rules work.

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Rate of Fire AFV supplement is an expansion for the Rate of Fire World War II skirmish rules. This 48 page book covers tanks, soft vehicles, halftracks, SP guns, artillery, anti tank as well as infantry guns and weapons. New rules cover vehicle hit locations, specific crew positions and survival roles, special ammunition types, HE and small arms against soft targets as well as artillery against AFV’s.

Inside you will find over 500 separate vehicle data sets for German, US, British & Commonwealth, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Italian forces. Each vehicle has details of its main and secondary weapons, front and sides/rear armour factors for hull and turret, three speed brackets, crew numbers, positions and tasks as well as special notes and equipment.

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