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Rank & File

The Rank and File range is designed to supply wargames units that can be used to bulk out existing armies or as a basis for a new army without me having to spend months creating a whole new range or period. Each rank and file unit will be released with complete variants and with command so that you can simply buy everything you need without having to wait for extra packs to be sculpted.

All codes are produced in the packs as normal with eight figures for the rank and file and four for the command but there are also unit packs available at discounted prices that allow you to build up the rank and file for a particular army.

French Napoleonic Line
Seven Years War French

Each pack of figures has random variants included but all of the basic packs are in similar poses so the units themselves look 'tidy' but also have some life to them. The majority of packs will be march attack, advancing, standing poses but there are also some packs that represent skirmishers or firing lines.

Seven Years War British
French Grenadiers

There are currently no plans to expand the Rand & File into complete ranges in their own right but some of these will no doubt be added to and finished as time goes by. I have not pinned myself down to any particular period and there is as much chance of seeing Greek Hoplites as there is ECW pikemen.