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  Crusader Publishing :: Crusader Publishing :: Imperium - Rome and its Enemies (Download)

  Imperium - Rome and its Enemies (Download) #16435
Imperium - Rome and its Enemies (Download)  Imperium – Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome.

Imperium is the second supplement for the Crusader wargames rules covering the armies and enemies of Imperial Rome. There are 13 lists enclosed, each with its own background information, army guidelines, allies, special rules and points values.

Late Republican Rome 107 to 27 BC
Early Imperial Rome 27 BC to 117 AD
Middle Imperial Rome 117 to 285 AD
Late Imperial Rome 285 to 378 AD
Foederate Roman 382 to 476 AD
The Barbarians 105 BC to 476 AD
Spartacus’ Revolt 73 to 71 BC
Jewish Revolt 69 to 73 AD
Sarmatian Tribes 250 BC to 370 AD
Parthia 238 BC to 225 AD
Sassanid Persia 225 to 649 AD
Palmyra 250 to 273 AD
Huns 370 to 454 AD

You can see a sample chapter from this book in the articles section of the Crusader Publishing site. This PDF is approximately 8MB and saved as a ZIP file. You can get a free version of Winzip by simply following the link at the top of the front page of this site.

Price: £5.50

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